Jesse Williams Files for Joint Physical Custody Amid Divorce

John Shearer/Getty Images for GQ Magazine
John Shearer/Getty Images for GQ Magazine

The divorce between Jesse Williams and Aryn Drake-Lee Williams may be turning into a bitter fight over child custody.


Williams filed court documents seeking joint physical custody after alleging that Drake-Lee Williams isn’t allowing him to spend much time with their two children.

“Aryn restricts my time with the children and decides when, and for how long I may have them. She has rejected, without any reason, each and every request I have made to have the children sleep over at my residence,” Williams stated in court documents, according to E! News. “On the few days that I have the children, Aryn has insisted that my time with the children be limited during the week to approximately two and half hours per day, despite my requests for more time, including overnights with the children.”

He added, “I am therefore requesting a court order for a joint physical custody parenting plan.”

Drake-Lee Williams’ attorney issued a statement to E! News stating that privacy has been violated:

Protecting the privacy and well-being of their children is of paramount importance to Aryn Drake-Lee Williams. It is unfortunate that Mr. Williams has chosen to draw public attention to this difficult time and transition for their family. Aryn is solely interested in the best interests of their children, supporting a healthy relationship with both parents, and protecting the children’s privacy. Therefore, she will not comment any further on Mr. Williams’ unilateral and unfortunate public allegations.

Williams filed for divorce in April after being married for five years.

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I find this whole situation sad and unfortunate. Just the way it went down.

I knew Jesse Williams was suspect after he went out of his way to slyly shade Black women for not supporting that rapist Nate Parker, but still...he seems to be doing a complete 180 on his public persona right now.