There’s nothing more impressive than Michael Bay, the director of many of your favorite blockbusters, hitting you up specifically to be in his next movie. This is exactly what happened to blossoming comedic superstar Jerrod Carmichael, who appears in the latest Transformers flick, The Last Knight.


It’s called networking, kids, and it works! Carmichael sat with The Root and told us that someone suggested him for a role in Transformers, and before he knew it, he was in a meeting with Bay, talking about the new role that Bay apparently had written for him!

Carmichael is a writer above all else, so it’s tough for him to play roles that he hasn’t written. However, because this role was written for him, Carmichael was able to get the job done.


In fact, the biggest challenge for him was the physical demands of the movie. He says, “I think the challenges in Transformers was just me running for miles a day. Just like running from—trying to get this crazy helicopter shot and just being exhausted at the end of the day.”

Are there more action roles in Carmichael’s future? If he’s the one creating them! Check out the interview clip above.

Transformers: The Last Knight is in theaters now.

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