Jeremy Meeks

It’s been a couple of months since Jeremy Meeks was released from prison, and his modeling career looks like it’s about to actually happen.

Meeks, whose viral mug shot caught the attention of the world, signed to White Cross Management while he was in prison, and on Tuesday he posted his first modeling headshot to his verified Instagram account.

Meeks’ manager, Jim Jordan, recently told The Cut how he hopes to launch Meeks’ career.

“When I talked to Jeremy about his world, it’s not like me or people I know,” Jordan said. “He has never known a model or an actor or anyone in our business. For him, the celebrities growing up were, like, gang people. And when I talked to Jeremy and got to know his heart, I understood this is something real. And I chose to have a vision for him.”


Jordan said that Meeks will walk Paris runways and that he’s also working on getting him a reality-TV show.  And about those tattoos? Meeks is ready to get rid of them and put the meaning of them behind him.

If Meeks can use his looks to change his life around, so be it. It’s definitely a better life choice than the road he was going down previously.