Jeremy Meeks

Two years have flown by really fast, because Jeremy Meeks is now a free man. Meeks, who went viral after being arrested and skyrocketing to Internet fame because of his model looks, wasĀ released from prison Wednesday. Meeks was arrested for gun possession after being caught up in a gang sweep.

Was it the blue eyes or the stern look? Either way, Meeks sent some women into a tizzy with his looks. But what most people forgot was that Meeks was a dangerous man in the eyes of the law.

Meeksā€™Ā looks quickly became memorializedĀ withĀ memes, but weā€™re quite sure the Stockton, Calif., Police Department didnā€™t see that coming.Ā 

So what does Meeks hope to do when heā€™s out? Well, if those modeling opportunities he was offered are real, maybe heā€™ll think about going that route and changing his life around.