Jazmine Sullivan Doesn't Know How to Eulogize Someone

Jazmine Sullivan
Earl Gibson III/Getty Images for BET

When someone dies, usually, when people try to remember him or her, they'll post something nice on Facebook. You remember the good things about the person and what the person meant to you. But in Jazmine Sullivan's world, there's never a wrong time to remember how you curved a person when he tried to get your attention.

Last Sunday, gospel singer Thomas "T.C." Clay died in his hotel room after performing in New York City. Apparently Clay was a huge fan of Sullivan and tried to date her and she declined his advances, but we only know that because of Sullivan's Facebook "eulogy."


Sullivan posted a lengthy statement on Facebook about Clay's death, but needless to say, it was about his crush on her and the fact that she wouldn't give him the time of day.


Sullivan ended her post with, "I know you still gotta crush on me in heaven and u listening."


Stay classy.

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