Janet Jackson on Tour Opening Night: ‘You Know I Came to Snatch a Couple of Wigs’

@janet.djj via Instagram
@janet.djj via Instagram

Many thought it wouldn’t happen. But on Thursday night, in Lafayette, La., Janet Jackson not only captivated the crowd at the opening night of her State of the World tour but also had social media buzzing.


The 51-year-old singer took it way back with her ’90s-inspired wardrobe as she performed some of her classics we’ve come to love. And, yes, just in case you were wondering, of course there are video clips:


On Friday, Jackson is arriving in Houston for her Saturday show but will spend the day extending a helping hand at several shelters to help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

I think this is what FOMO feels like?

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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