Janet Jackson had some good news for die-hard fans Monday night, especially those who thought she’d never return to her canceled tour.


“Hey, you guys,” Jackson said. “It’s me, Jan, just in case you don’t recognize me, since I have put on a few since I had the baby.”

Shockingly, Randy Jackson was in the background joking about her weight. “More than a few,” he said.


“Can you please be quiet, Randy?” she said. “Nobody’s talking to you. Thank you.”

Jackson continued to talk about her new baby, as well as her separation from her husband, and said that they are in court. Then she broke the big news: She’s continuing her tour and has renamed it the State of the World Tour.

The 56-city tour kicks off Sept. 7 in Lafayette, La., and ends in Atlanta on Dec. 17.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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