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After a day of speculating about what Janay Rice is going through since her husband, Ray Rice, was let go from the Baltimore Ravens and suspended from the NFL, Janay took to social media to release a statement.

The Baltimore Sun verified that the statement below is from Janay Rice's Instagram account, but since publishing the photo message, her account has been made private:


It's obvious that Janay, 26, has her husband's back, but it's strange to see her blame the media for what has happened to her family, when it was Ray, 27, who threw the punches. What's harrowing about Janay's comment is the part about "real love."

Real love doesn't involve knocking someone out unconscious and then kicking her like a dog while she's down. Hopefully Janay and Ray Rice have sought the help that they both seem to need, and will focus on that instead of worrying about not being part of "Ravensnation." 

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