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Jacquees Took His ‘King Of R&B’ Tour to Keith Sweat and Guess Who Was Here For It? Nobody.

(L-R)Jacquees performs onstage during the 2018 Soul Train Awards, presented by BET on November 17, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ; Keith Sweat performs on Heart & Soul on March 11, 2016 in Washington, DC.
Photo: Ethan Miller (Getty Images for BET), Larry French (Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Jacquees can’t stop, won’t stop defending his “King of R&B” crown in the Game of Tones.

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If you’re wondering “what the fuck is a Jacquees?” and thought it was a new fast-fashion brand sold on Instagram, I’m here to clear up a few things for you.

So, Jacquees first entered the controversy club when he made a popular remix for Ella Mai’s resurrected song-turned-hit, “Boo’d Up,” and called it “Boo’d Up Quemix.” It was taken down by the Powers That Be, however.


Cut to now, the 4275 singer has been making sure everyone knows he’s the alleged King of R&B, despite the very existence of said monarch being debatable today.

Nobody: Who is the King of R&B?

Jacquees: MeeeeeeEEEEEEeeeeee!

It was a whole mess. J. Holiday even got up from his bed to be called a “valet.” Wowza.


Just about everyone in the music industry had an opinion about it and felt the need to chime in on social media. Diddy conducted a dissertation on what it takes to even be considered in the running.


Tank laughed it off.


John Legend claimed there was actually no King of R&B and deemed the throne “open.”


Most recently, someone asked Keith Sweat what he thought about it and as soon as he uttered the word “king” one time, here come Jacquees’ Candyman ass yelping about Keith only being the king for the old heads and that he’d gladly take over for the young bucks.

He then asked Keith if he’d “pass the torch.”

“Ain’t no torch to pass,” noted one of Keith’s posse members, like a real loyal nigga.


Keith clearly looked annoyed during the whole exchange. He basically looked like he was holding in the deadliest “perturbed” fart known to man. He was holding back that strong pimp hand so hard. He definitely wanted to backhand that youngin’.


Mr. Sweat was basically all, “Boy if you don’t get —”

Thankfully, the two cleared things up. All Jacquees had to do was apologize for trying to bumrush Keith. He had him “Twisted,” so to speak.


“You need to apologize, young man,” Keith told Jacquees firmly. And apologize he did. Because he knows better.


And then, they had a struggle-sing off. Okay, that didn’t happen at all, but at least everyone is having fun. Yay, fun.


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