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Creator and Executive Producer Shonda Rhimes and actress Kerry Washington at the Scandal panel during the 2012 Winter TCA Tour at the Langham Huntington Hotel and Spa on Jan. 10, 2012, in Pasadena, Calif.
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We've thrown this idea around for some time, but last night's episode made it officially official: Scandal is ridiculous.

In case you missed last night's "Yolo" episode, Luvvie does the Lord's work with this comprehensive rundown of all the drama. Michael Arceneaux does the same at Complex, serving it with an appropriate side of shade by astutely describing yesterday's episode as "inspired by a game of Hot Potato."


But is it just me, or did last night mark the show's jump from a fun but preposterous prime-time drama to a show that could air Monday to Friday at 3 p.m. EST?

Seriously. People die, or are thought to be dead, and then they come back looking very much alive. What is more soap-opery than the faked deaths of beautiful people? Olivia's mom, who we thought was dead but was really in jail for 22 years, spent her first few days as a free woman catching up with her daughter, healing from that time she gnawed at her own wrists and running from her ex-husband, who kills people daily. Her skin? She looks like she swallowed an angel. Her hair? Who knew they served shea butter and coconut oil for your edges in the slammer?

Then there was the complete disregard for human thresholds for pain and the need for proper recovery after physical trauma. We've seen this before, when Fitz sprightly pranced around the White House shortly after he got shot in the head. He was, though, hospitalized for some time. But Quinn's ability to get it popping with her new boyfriend-killer hours after Huck, without the use of any anesthesia, extracted two of her teeth? No way! So, yeah.

Other craziness: Olivia speaks Mandarin, because of course she does. My predictions for the rest of the season: James will get pregnant. We'll also discover Harrison's real backstory: He is actually Olivia's son. And that old Supreme Court justice woman will also return to the land of the living and tell everyone what Fitz did.


And meanwhile, Shonda is laughing at us all.

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