Vivica A. Fox attends the 9th Annual American Humane Hero Dog Awards on October 05, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California.
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Vivica A. Fox has a strong opinion and she just—wait for it—set it off.

In an exclusive interview with ET, Fox expressed her feelings about the in-development Set It Off remake (which has actually been referred to as a “reimagining”), which will be produced by Issa Rae. Rae is also reportedly set to star in the new heist film. The original film, which was released in 1996, starred Fox, Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah and Kimberly Elise.


Once news broke of the remake, some fans of the original were skeptical, claiming it was wholly unnecessary to remake what is considered to be a classic in the black community.

When asked about Set It Off having such an impact to inspire a remake, Fox was visibly disapproving of the idea. After making a face that said it all, Fox, who is promoting her upcoming film Christmas Matchmakers, put it plainly.


“It’s a classic, leave it alone,” she said. “There’s absolutely no reason to try to redo it. It’s been done, and we did it so well, that people are absolutely going to compare it to that and I think that’s her taking on a tremendous chore because that film has become a cult classic and some things are just better left [alone].”


“Like, create your own franchise,” she added. “If you want to do a new film of girls robbing banks, create your own thing. You can make it up to date. We did that film in 1996. We are in 2019, going into 2020. So, create your own thing because people are absolutely going to compare it to it, and she’ll probably, if it’s not good, they’re going to slay her for it.”

There is a point to be made in creating a new heist franchise. There are like 50-11 heist movies that came out within the past decade and most of them have been white (with maybe a sprinkle of color for flavor), so why can’t we have more than two all-black-female led heist films—and a film that doesn’t have to be named Set It Off 2.0?!


My idea for a compromise would be Fox making a (ghost) cameo in the new film and brokering the deal in the same vein of the “Godfather” scene featured on the original Set It Off.

Set It Off (Godfather Scene) / YouTube

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