Issa Rae’s Insecure Won’t Return Until 2020

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Winter is finally here, but it has neglected to bring HBO’s Insecure with it, because the show will not be returning to the network until 2020.


You hear that? That’s the sound of a sigh of relief from thousands of fuck-bois who now won’t have their lives become a storyline on cable television. Yup, the #LawrenceHive, that collective of men who pronounce the “L” in salmon, will not be dragged until next year.

According to Vulture, Issa Rae has become booked and busy and is in “high demand.”

Let’s have a moment of praise for Rae’s glow-up! The homie started out from YouTube and is now sprinkling her own brand of #BlackGirlMagic across Hollywood and adding some seasoning to an industry that has been bland for far too long.

Won’t He do it?!

If you’re looking for something to ease the pain of this news, may I suggest you take a gander at Natasha Rothwell’s timeline? Every day she does the Lord’s work and reminds Donald Trump that he’s a trash human being.


May she never tire in her efforts.

The way time is moving, 2020 will be here before we know it, and we will all resume informing the world of how trash Lawrence is and how Issa refuses to make proper life choices. Until then, we can focus on the fact that the Night King is about to kill EVERYBODY in Game of Thrones.

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What in the Atlanta hell? Damn. She is busy she’s got hella scripts and two movies in pre-production.

Empress of Serenity

Produced by John Malkovich

Co-Starring: Bill Hader

According to Splitsider, the film will see Hader play an obsessed ex-husband whose plans to reunite with his former wife get hijacked when his widowed dad dragoons him onto a cruise. There, he meet’s Rae’s character, the woman in the cabin next door, who’ll apparently serve as both an accomplice and an obstacle to his scheme.

American Princess

Produced by Paul Feig

An American woman is drawn into a world of wealth and high society when she unexpectedly falls in love during a trip to London.