Is This Jesse Williams’ New Girlfriend? We Don’t Know ... but We Have Questions


All eyes have been on Jesse Williams since it was announced last year that he was divorcing his wife, Aryn Drake-Lee. Since the divorce announcement, there’s been the typical “he said, she said” when it comes to accusations of infidelity and why the marriage fell apart.

With celebrity divorces, drama follows, and on Wednesday, a TMZ report claimed that Williams violated a custody agreement that stated he’s not allowed to introduce their children to any new girlfriends before six months into the relationship.


Drake-Lee alleges that the agreement was violated when Williams introduced their children to a woman, who she alleges is being called “Mama C” by her children. The alleged violation includes Williams bringing the children on a vacation to Big Bear Mountain with “Mama C.”

But speaking of vacations ...

Earlier this month, Williams and a group of friends were in Brazil, and of course, no matter where a celebrity hangs, there’s always paparazzi following. But what makes this vacation interesting is that there is now speculation that the “Mama C” in question is Ciarra Pardo—best known as Rihanna’s creative director.

The Bronx, N.Y.-raised Puerto Rican even documented the Brazil trip on Instagram and made sure to tag Williams.

And he tagged her as well, in the same photo:


Interestingly enough, earlier this morning Pardo’s comments on that photo were open, and people were asking if she’s “Mama C” ... but it now looks as though she’s closed commenting capabilities and removed the shady comments.

Will Williams eventually go public with his new girlfriend, since Drake-Lee is putting his violations on blast? Is Pardo the “Mama C” in question? Who even knows, but we’re quite sure his divorce drama will continue to play out publicly.

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Jesse and his ex-wife are messy, neither one seems to understand how to communicate through lawyers and not make everything public and ugly. Think about your kids, you two dopes and at least PRETEND to get along in public and don’t speak ill of each other to the children. Jesse, I understand you’ve moved on but it’s absolutely TRIFLING of you to have your kids referring to your current girlfriend as Mama unless that’s her first name. i.e. Mama-jane Smith, Mama Elaine Jackson, ex Mrs.Jesse, stop falling for the foolishness every time he does it. Get yourselves together, SMDH!