Is RHOA Making Kenya Moore Choose Her Job Over Her Husband?

Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images
Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

How many marriages have we seen destroyed after couples decided to air their dirty laundry on reality television? One too many. And Kenya Moore, who recently got married, is trying to keep her marriage off of Real Housewives of Atlanta, but the show may have given her an ultimatum.


According to TMZ, sources say that RHOA bigwigs want Moore to chronicle her marriage to Marc Daly. But he doesn’t agree with the way black men are portrayed on the show and doesn’t want any part of it. The source told TMZ that it’s either Moore and her husband on the show or she’ll be fired.

Remember Peter and Cynthia Bailey’s happy marriage at the beginning of her season? Well, we saw how that turned into a pile of rubbish right before our eyes. And what about Kordell Stewart and Porsha Williams? Look how their marriage ended up once they got on the show.

I don’t blame Moore for not wanting to parade her marriage on television. She hasn’t had the best of luck in the relationship area, and maybe, just maybe, she wants her marriage to work out, and not play out in front of the cameras.

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