Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Lifetime Television

Neo-soul singer Jilly from Philly, aka Jill Scott, is the latest celebrity to have her marriage go the way of the 8-track, which is not uncommon if celebrity is involved.

However, what we really wanna know is whether her estranged beau, Mike Dobson, is trying to pull a Kendu on her. That is, is Dobson, like Kendu Isaacs, Mary J. Blige’s former husband, trying to dig into all her gold?


Bossip reports that Dobson was made to sign a prenuptial agreement about three weeks before his June 2016 wedding to the singer. Dobson countersued Scott after she filed for divorce, and in court papers, he said that he didn’t have a lawyer present at the signing and felt coerced. He is asking that the court nullify the prenup, split their marital assets in half, and give him $500,000 for the “pain and suffering” he says he endured during the 15-month union.

Further, Dobson says that the singer was a “monster” who subjected him to financial abuse and cut him off from his family and friends. From Bossip:

Scott would accuse him of stealing stuff she’d eventually find and even went on “dates” with “intimate male friends,” Scott’s scorned ex wrote in court papers. And Dobson said Scott was known for emasculating the men in her life, referring to her son as “pretty” instead of “handsome.”


One day, Dobson says, he came home and found that his key didn’t work and his shit was packed up in boxes in the garage.

He claims that since he moved out, Scott has shown his mug shot to their friends and accused him of being gay, violent, jobless, unstable and a con artist.


The two have no children.