Invasion of Privacy: Cardi B Reveals Much-Anticipated Album Cover and Release Date

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Cardi B’s much-anticipated first studio album, Invasion of Privacy, drops in less than two weeks, and if that’s too long for you to wait to get your first official bird boss anthem of 2018, the rapper is here to whet your appetite with some visuals.

On Monday night, Cardi shared a first look at her album cover via her Instagram account. And the loud and proud “regular degular,” Bronx, N.Y., girl came with a cover every bit as colorful as her personality.

There’s the Miami Vice-ish color scheme and font on the right, with the more futuristic text on the left. The shoulder pads and checks. (Wait, is that leather?) The Lil Kim’s “Crush on You” yellow meets Missy’s “I Can’t Stand the Rain” finger waves. The cumulative look is both retro and futuristic (or, “What everyone thought the future would look like in the ’80s”), and even though I’m not exactly sure to what time period Cardi is taking me, I know I’m into it.


And it looks like I’m not the only one. By Tuesday morning, the Instagram photo had garnered over a million likes—boding well for Invasion of Privacy’s release date of April 6.

And that may not be the only big Cardi-related drop to come.

While it should be noted that Cardi’s waist looks snatched and decidedly not-pregnant on her album cover, according to a Page Six article from Monday night, Cardi may confirm her pregnancy—which was originally leaked to TMZ—soon.

Staff writer, The Root.

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I wanna see the track list...