Insecure Returns for Its Fourth Season This Spring

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Wow, y’all. It’s been over a whole-ass year since we’ve last seen the misadventures of Issa, Molly and the rest of the Insecure crew. Fear not, though, the drought is soon to be over.


A trailer was released today revealing that the Issa Rae-led show will return for its fourth season on Sunday, April 12. Not only that, it’s returning with a longer 10-episode season. I know; it’s still three months away, but look at the bright side: you have plenty of time to get on that re-watch.

A press release from HBO states:

Season four follows the main characters in the aftermath of the decisions they made in the last season. Issa pursues a passion project she actually cares about, Molly navigates a real relationship for the first time, Lawrence figures out what leveling-up means for him, and we see the effect of Tiffany’s new baby on the dynamic of the friend group. Along the way, we’ll see these characters evaluating relationships, both new and old, in an effort to figure out who and what comes with them in this next phase of their lives

It sounds like this is going to be a year of transition for each of the characters, which makes sense, given where they left things at the end of season 3. The line that grabbed my attention the most is the bit about figuring out “who and what comes with them in this next phase.” Are Molly and Issa ’bout to be done? Will Nathan be un-ghosted? Is Lawrence going to torpedo yet another relationship? I got questions, y’all. Luckily, it won’t be too long of a wait to get the answers.

Insecure premieres April 12 at 10 p.m. on HBO.

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