Photo: HBO

Fans of Insecure, rejoice! The beloved show has been renewed for a fourth season just as the third season has started on HBO.

Issa Rae, who co-created the show with Larry Wilmore, announced the good news on Twitter Thursday morning.

Rae wrote ā€œ#InsecureHBO has been renewed for Season 4! Thank you to everyone who has been watching and supporting!ā€ and included a promotional video celebrating the news.

The show is a fan favorite. Its unapologetic blackness, uninhibited expression of the foibles of ā€œadulting,ā€ amazing soundtrack and hilarious characters have all resonated with audiencesā€”black and otherwise.


Rae said in a recent interview that the success of the show is anchored in its predominantly minority crew and the fact that it doesnā€™t spend time trying to explain blackness to nonblack people.

Insecureā€™s viewing audience is 62 percent nonblack, but Rae said she still sees the benefit in ā€œsurrounding myself with people of color. I could never do this show and have a predominantly white staff.ā€


Call it a love letter to South Los Angeles, an ode to sisterhood and friendship among black women, or a guide to navigating relationships and dating in the age of Tinder and social mediaā€”but whatever you call it, just remember that we get another full season of it.

We are rooting for everybody black.