Christian Louboutin via Twitter screenshot

Never forget that the right shade of nude should match one's skin color.Ā 

But that right shade can be hard to find for people who have complexions that fall outside the mainstreamā€”essentially, for those of us who aren't shades of pink or cream. Finding a nude lipstick or stocking for chocolate-complexioned women can be downright impossible.Ā 

So it's huge that Christian Louboutin announced via Twitter on Tuesday that it's expanding its Nudes Collection to include two new shadesā€”a ā€œporcelainā€ Nude No. 1 and a Nude No. 7, described as deep chocolateā€”for a total of seven nude shoe options for ladies. The shoes became available this week.Ā

People are praising the brand for bolstering inclusive fashionā€”which is a nice phrase, but it'll be wonderful when inclusive fashion is considered the norm.


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