In Honor of Michael Jordan’s Birthday, We Celebrate the Tumblr That Asks, ‘WTF Is Mike Wearing?’

Michael Jordon poses in the flagstand prior to the start of a NASCAR race May 22, 2010, in Concord, N.C.
Brian Lawdermilk-Pool/Getty Images for NASCAR

Michael Jordan is known for a lot of things. His slam dunks, expensive sneakers and bald head. But there’s one thing that stands out among all of those. 

His clothes!

Sure, Jordan’s name is synonymous with basketball and Nike, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to dress like that uncle everyone always runs away from at the family cookout. Jordan’s outfits even have a site dedicated to them. 


Appropriately called WTF Is Mike Wearing?, the site asks the question everyone is thinking. Although the page hasn’t been updated in a while, let’s take a stroll down memory lane:

Don’t be like Mike when it comes to your clothes.

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