In His Latest Gift to Instagram, Will Smith Spoofs Jaden Smith’s ‘Icon’ Music Video to Celebrate 100 Million Streams

Will Smith and son Jaden Smith in Los Angeles on Dec. 13, 2017 (Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Netflix)
Will Smith and son Jaden Smith in Los Angeles on Dec. 13, 2017 (Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Netflix)

In true dad fashion, Will Smith has found a way to celebrate his son Jaden Smith’s achievements while simultaneously trolling him, and it is beautiful and hilarious to behold.


Back in November, Jaden, an actor and rapper just like his dad, released the video for “Icon.” The song is the first single from Jaden’s first studio album, SYRE. Late Tuesday night, Will posted a short spoof of the video to celebrate his son’s music hitting 100 million streams on Spotify.

In the video, Will mimics his son’s outfit, down to the linked gold chain, dyed hair and grills, lip-synching to the song. And dammit if they don’t look like twins in some parts.


Of course, Will Smith being Will Smith, he had to play the damn fool while he did it, showing his grill falling out of his mouth as he tries to push it back in, and wearing slippers and socks instead of sneakers.

“J-diggy, I’m proud of you, baby,” Smith says at the end of the video. “100 million streams. Congratulations, man, hundred million congrats. I love you.”

Despite the clowning, Jaden truly appreciated his dad’s gesture, calling him “the best father anyone could ask for.”


See the official “Icon” video below. Don’t you think Will nailed it?

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Big Willy totally sonned his own son. lol It’s like wheels within wheels. BRUH.

This is really amazing. If you’d have told me twenty years ago that this is where Will Smith would be, parodying his impressively strange spawn on something called “social media” in the year of or lord 2018, my mind wouldn’t even know how to handle any of that.

Life is beautiful, ain’t it?