Alyssa Milano and Wendy Williams
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Breasts come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. But contrary to what Wendy Williams may think, they’re not “fun bags.”

During a recent episode of Williams’ talk show, Williams had actress-turned-breast-feeding advocate Alyssa Milano on the show. Milano has been causing quite a stir on social media because she routinely posts photos of herself breast-feeding her child, not only in public but also at home. The photos have caused controversy because some people think that publicly breast-feeding is a no-no. And Williams is one of those people.


During Williams and Milano’s conversation, it was clear that somewhere along the line, Williams was taught that breasts serve one purpose only, and that’s sexual.

“I don’t need to see that,” Williams said when Milano asked why she had a problem with breast-feeding in public. “Because I just don’t want to.”

“But would you eat under a blanket?” asked Milano.

The blanket remark was, of course, a reference to some women who choose to cover their child while breast-feeding. And what are you supposed to do if you don’t have a cover for your baby? Well, according to Williams, do that stuff elsewhere.


“What I would do is I would go to the car … not on the bench in the front of the big-box store,” Williams said.

And here’s where Williams starts to take a big “L” when it comes to her issues with breast-feeding in public.


Showcasing your breasts and being provocative in clothing and using them in a sexual manner: OK.

Breast-feeding your baby in public: Not OK. 

“Breast-feeding is only a particular amount of time, [but] the rest of your life, your breasts are sexual things,” Williams said.


Milano attempted to counter her argument, trying to explain that the only reason breasts are sexual is that this is what we’ve evolved them into being. But, of course, Williams wasn’t trying to hear that.

“They’re fun bags,” Williams stated.

Here, on national television, was a grown-ass woman referring to breasts as “fun bags.” 


Just an FYI: Breasts were intended for feeding.

They were not intended for sexual purposes, but humans are creative people, and so, some people may use them in a sexual manner.


Here’s the thing about breast-feeding in public. If you’re a mother and that baby starts crying because he or she is hungry, whip that breast out and feed the baby. It’s your right. It’s your baby’s right to be fed. If you have a blanket, if you don’t have a blanket, so what?

Publicly breast-feeding isn’t a crime, and it doesn’t have sexual connotations. If you’re not adult enough to look at a breast without thinking of it as sexual, you may want to speak to a trained mental-health professional about that. 


Williams needs to grow up and realize that as much as she calls herself a “girl’s girl,” she’s anything but.