The fast-food breakfast beef has begun.

In one corner you have IHOP, known for flipping pancakes and serving breakfast all day. You could say they’re the Drake of the pancake game. In the other corner you have McDonald’s, who recently announced that their breakfast would be sold all day. But just like Meek Mill, McDonald’s has poor follow-through. How are you not going to serve hash browns?


Drake—I mean, IHOP—saw this as an opportunity and laid down a diss tweet. Pancake-flipping fingers turned to Twitter fingers.

I’m convinced that whoever is behind IHOP’s Twitter account is a member of black Twitter. And I also admit that I had to ask my co-worker Stephen A. Crockett what it means to “shoot your shot.”

“It means we’ve been doing this for years, and here you are just getting in the game. But do you, McDonald’s, and good luck with that,” he explained.

In any event, McDonald’s has some big breakfast-all-day shoes to fill. And yes, I know, you would never think of eating fast food.


Meek Mill—I mean, McDonald’s—has yet to respond to IHOP.

Stephen A. Crockett contributed to this post.

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