If You're a 'Pretty' Racist, You Can Get Cupcakes From Trevor Noah


Editor’s note: This article contains social media posts that some may find offensive.

Let's be truthful for a second.

The only reason Tomi Lahren has been amplified over the last couple of years is that to some people she's pretty. The operative word is “some.” If you're into cheap bleach jobs and Barbie bobbleheads, then, sure, she might be your cup of tea. If Lahren looked like Fiona from Shrek, it's highly unlikely that she would be as popular as she is now.

So what does being a pretty racist get you?

It gets you amplified. It gets you black men like radio host Charlamagne and The Daily Show's Trevor Noah caping for you and trying to get you to change your mind about racism.


It also gets you cupcakes from Noah:


Needless to say, social media wasn't feeling the friendly gesture:


I have to wonder if Noah sends all of his guests cupcakes after a show. I wouldn't even be shocked if, by next week, the two of them are dating. Sometimes people are into sleeping with the enemy.

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