Brian Rasic/Getty Images

Prince was easily one of the most genius musicians ever to grace the face of the planet. And honestly, this isn't a grandiose statement made merely because the man, myth and legend has died but because it's true. I dare you to challenge that.

One Oscar, two Brit Awards, one Golden Globe, seven Grammys, four MTV Video Music Awards, countless nominations for everything you could ever imagine, an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and ranking 27 on Rolling Stone's "100 Greatest Artists of All Time" list (he was robbed)—Prince was an icon in music and entertainment in general. He challenged the most limited of ears to try something new: rock, soul, hip-hip, funk, blues, jazz.


Out of all the songs Prince has gifted the world with, don't you want to know which song fits your personality? Take the quiz below and share your results!

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