If You Don't Know the Words to Jingle Bells Don't Feel Bad, Because 21 Savage Doesn't Know Them Either

Screenshot: @21Savage (Instagram)

On Christmas Eve, rapper 21 Savage and his crimson turtleneck took it upon themselves to spread a little holiday cheer on Instagram. Because nothing says Christmas like rappers belting out Christmas carols.

However, the Atlanta spitter’s execution could use a little work. As it’s painfully obvious he could use a teleprompter or something to help him remember the words.


My first thought watching this was: “This is me when I hear the National Anthem.”

While the “Rockstar” rapper might not know the words to “Jingle Bells”, NBA superstar LeBron James caught hell earlier this week for reciting lyrics from Savage’s latest i am > i was album. James has since apologized.

But should his new album debut at the top of the Billboard 200 this week, I’m sure Savage will be overwhelmed with holiday cheer.

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