Idris Elba
Discovery Channel

Is there anything Idris Elba can’t do—and while looking good, at that? Elba, who has an affinity for fast cars, recently broke a speed record on a beach in Wales. Elba was behind the wheel of a Bentley Continental GT Speed when he broke the “flying mile” speed record, according to CNN. The flying mile is measured by a car’s speed and is timed between two points 1 mile apart. The last flying-mile record in the United Kingdom was set in  1927 by motor-racing journalist Sir Malcolm Campbell, who clocked in at 174.2 mph in a Napier-Campbell Blue Bird race car.

The actor and sometime DJ averaged 180.4 mph and maxed out at 186.4 mph. Of course, you can’t attempt this feat in just any car. The Bentley is definitely made for the challenge, with its 626-horsepower engine that gets to a maximum speed of 206 mph.

You’ll be able to see Elba’s ride when his new Discovery Channel series, Idris Elba: No Limits, airs in July.

Elba. Idris Elba.

Even if he never becomes the black James Bond, he’ll always be considered it in my book.