Idris Elba Plays a Diabolical Villain in Star Trek Beyond Who Makes Your Skin 'Krall'

Idris Elba

I'm going to be all the way honest with you. I was never a huge fan of Star Trek. I remember having to watch the TV series growing up because both my older brother and sister were into it. And in my house, the oldest always controlled the remote. So I watched the show reluctantly, but I perked up when I saw LeVar Burton and Whoopi Goldberg in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Black people in space?! Wow! As corny as it is, that was one of the first times I truly believed that I could do and be anything I wanted in this world. So essentially, I owe it to Star Trek for opening my mind up to the incredible possibilities of my own life.

And now Star Trek has been rebooted, offering us films Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness and now Star Trek Beyond. And in this third film, the powers that be did something very brilliant: They cast Idris Elba as the diabolical and horrific-looking villain Krall. Truth is, Elba is pretty damn good at playing the bad guy, and his stellar acting often makes it easy for you to actually care about the villain. There are even a few moments in the film when you feel kinda bad for the "monster." OK, maybe that's just me and my extreme thirst for the handsome actor.


Speaking of thirst, I got a chance to sit down with Elba, one-on-one. I tried my best to suppress the absolute parched feeling he gives me. Check it out!

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