Idris Elba
YouTube Screenshot

If you were not aware, Idris Elba is a Renaissance man. Not only is he an actor, but he also enjoys dabbling in music. Everything from deejaying to rapping and, yes, even dancing. Bond could never do any of those things.

Elba recently joined forces with Nigerian hip-hop artist D'Banj and Sierra Leonean rapper Shadowboxer for D'Banj's new single, "Confidential." Elba, who goes by the name DJ Driis in his music career, makes his appearance around the one-minute mark, and he's everything suave you'd expect. His lyrics, of course, are testosterone-filled with innuendos about his prowess.

The black-and-white video is definitely simple and not overdramatic, and it definitely has a laid-back element to it. With Elba, of course, as well as artists from Nigeria and Sierra Leone, it's not short on international flavor. 

Take a look at the video below: