Ice Cube to Appear on Bill Maher’s Show to Discuss the N-Word

David Becker/Getty Images for Daylight Beach Club
David Becker/Getty Images for Daylight Beach Club

Although Ice Cube was scheduled to appear on Real Time With Bill Maher this Friday before Bill Maher poorly dropped the n-word during last Friday’s show, Cube says he’s not canceling and will appear solely to discuss the corpse-looking commentator’s use of the word.

Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) was supposed to appear, too, but canceled. “What Bill Maher said was inappropriate and offensive, which is why he made the decision not to appear on the next episode of Real Time,”a rep for Franken told the New York Times on Monday. “He was glad to see Bill, who the senator considers to be a good friend, apologize and express sincere regret for his comment.”


It’ll be interesting to see what take Cube has for Maher and if he’ll cape for him like Killer Mike did so disturbingly on social media, by telling people it’s basically not a big deal, because commedddyyyy; or will Cube go all “Fuck you, Maher. That’s some bullshit right there”?


Killer Mike also elaborated on Maher’s comments and their friendship to TMZ.

“I would’ve punched Bill in his stomach. I would’ve punched Bill in his stomach and said, ‘You sound stupid,’ and we would’ve smoked a joint after,” Mike said. “You know why, because that’s what you do when your white friend does that when you’re 13 and he gets a little too comfortable and says it—you punch your friend in the stomach.”


As one who doesn’t give Maher any time on a television in my house, I’ll probably tune in just to see how Cube handles the matter.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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this sounds terrible. it also sounds like a good example of the kind of fruitless conversations us black folks get drawn into with white folks. how is anyone unclear on the use of the n-word? it is a waste of everyone’s time to try to debate it or to explain it to white people. if they want to say it, they’re gonna say it, especially when they’re racist assholes like bill maher. a more productive conversation might use maher’s idiocy to talk about how knowledge of slavery and its ever-present legacy is so anemic that this joke could be made in the first place. the n-word, shitty as it is, is the ‘whatever’ of this whole thing. the real problem is that 300 years of slavery followed by 100+ years of legalized discrimination is a fucking punchline.