#HurtBae’s Ex-Boyfriend Is Still an Asshole

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#HurtBae and her boyfriend are back with another video updating the internet on how their lives have been since going viral last February.

If you recall (or maybe you don’t), Kourtney Jorge and her ex-dirt-dawg of a boyfriend, Leonard, put their private lives on the Summer Jam screen when Kourtney confronted him about his cheating ways. But let Leonard tell it, he was’t even in a relationship with the woman who came to be known as #HurtBae.


#HurtBae and her baby hairs received everyone’s sympathetic attention, while Leonard received the opposite reaction.

“I did everything. I’ve had sex with other girls. I did everything,” Leonard said in his first video. Leonard didn’t even know how many times he cheated, because he wasn’t even counting.

And now a year later ... Leonard is still a dick. So in today’s “That Escalated Quickly” and “Did You Really Think Leonard Changed” news, I present to you, “#HurtBae Part Deux”:

There’s Kourtney, baby hairs and all, sitting across from Leonard. The convo seems to be going nicely, until ... Leonard’s dickholeness shines through.


This time around, Leonard says Kourtney made herself out to be the victim. And when Kourtney says he wasn’t a bad person, he immediately becomes a bad person (again).

It seems that Kourtney and Leonard didn’t really end things at the end of the first video, because he alleges that she still wanted to be with him afterward. Then he goes on to say that they were not exclusive and that they only did the video for publicity.


And although they were never together, Leonard goes on to tell her that he was actually cheating on her during the first video. Dick. I’ll never understand why people continue to be gluttons for punishment. But I guess maybe it pays well?


In the end, Kourtney says she’s in a happy relationship. But in the words of Jay-Z: “I don’t believe you, you need more people.” Because if that were the case, why do the video updating everyone anyways?

But I digress. I’m triggered. I’ve dealt with a narcissist and that shit wasn’t fun.

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