How to Get Away With Murder: Five Questions for a Fine Man Named Rome Flynn

So, how do you get away with hiding the fact that you’re really bummed about How to Get Away With Murder ending for good? I guess the answer is, you don’t. Thursday nights will never be the same without Viola Davis.

In the spirit of celebrating the final season of the popular ABC show, we’ve spoken with the cast, who reminisced about their favorite moments and played a very black-ass game. Now, with Rome Flynn (who portrays Gabriel Maddox) recently releasing the music video for his single, “Keep Me In Mind,” this is the perfect time to reminisce and move forward.


“This show really had a way of including people,” Flynn told The Root in a virtual sit-down interview, in regards to the Shondaland legal thriller. “This show covered a lot of different issues, so we’ll look back on [it] and say that was a special time in television history. For me to be a part of’s been a dream.”

In our five-question round with him, Flynn discusses how and what he learned from Davis, what post-HTGAWM life looks like for him, sends a very heartwarming memory of the late Kristoff St. John and even gave us some tips for when you’re on the lockdown with bae.


Get into the video above and prep for the final TGIT with Annalise Keating and the gang. The series finale of How to Get Away With Murder airs tonight on ABC at 10 p.m. ET.

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