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Rappers Jadakiss and Styles P, members of the legendary hip-hop group the Lox, have been giving back to their community in a major and healthy way. When they’re not dropping bars on tracks, the two have been opening up juice bars in their hometown of Yonkers, N.Y., and throughout nearby New York City.

Not only has Juices for Life given Jadakiss and Styles P an opportunity to develop a business, but it is also a type of business that is definitely needed in a community riddled with corner stores and junk food, but not too many healthy food options.

It was the junk food that Jadakiss and Styles P remembered from being kids.

“You’re going to get out what you put into your body,” Jadakiss told Elite Daily. “We didn’t know. All we knew was run to the fast-food spots or run to get big bags of candy. It’s a bunch of garbage.”


The juices made at Juices for Life aren’t just some concoctions that taste good. They also are said to help with certain ailments—from allergies to arthritis.

Styles P and Jadakiss are prime examples of two men who knew their purpose was more than music—it was also to enrich the lives of their community.  

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