Rachel Canning, 18, in court Tuesday

New Jersey teenager Rachel Canning, 18, lost a lawsuit asking her parents to pay her child support. Canning, however, is still hoping that the judge will order them to pay for her college education. We think black parents would have handled the situation a little differently. We took a survey of The Root staff to find out how our parents would have reacted, and this is what we found:

"I would get 'the look' and just know to stop talking and move on my way."

"I would have gotten the Papa Pope smackdown."

"I wouldn't have made it out of the house because both of my legs would have been broken."


"My parents would have said, 'I brought you into this world and I can take you out. Then I can make another one just like you.' "


"My dad would have countersued."

"I would have gotten an equally ridiculous response back."


"I'd be on a flight back to Nigeria … already enrolled in a local boarding school in Abuja."

"My mom would have just disowned me."


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