Hot Girl Desk: Megan Thee Stallion Performs With a Live Band for the First Time Ever on NPR Tiny Desk

The time has come—Megan Thee Stallion has graced us with an NPR Tiny Desk concert, y’all! Giddy up!

“I’m gonna get real comfortable with y’all, so I’mma need y’all to get real comfortable with me,” Megan began once she stood behind the desk, according to NPR. “Now, don’t be scared to get ratchet.”

Our beloved Meg brought the right type of energy to the quaint venue, noting that she was “poppin’ shit” for the crowd. Admitting she was performing with a live band for the first time, she performed favorites such as “Hot Girl Summer,” “Cash Shit” (her first platinum song!), “Big Ole Freak” (her first gold song!), “Realer” and more.


She also debuted her unreleased collaboration with the live band who accompanied her, Phony Ppl, called “Fuckin’ Around.”

Speaking of energy, this concert really encapsulates just how much of a good time Meg appears to be. Highlights of the performance include talking shit as she pats down her face and neck sweat between sets (she noted that she is literally bringing hot girl shit) and hyping up her background singer. I definitely want to twerk, have drinks and drive boats with Meg. Also, shout-out to Meg’s breath control. She had roughly 20 minutes of tongue twisters and singing to do up there and she sounded great. She has great lungs and great knees. She wins biology.

“I go by the name of Megan Thee Stallion, aka Yung Tina Snow, aka the Hot Girl Coach and I know y’all probably didn’t know about me, but now y’all do,” she concluded, perfectly.

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I love Megan’s flow and her energy and think she’s going to have a long, successful career. I am not in her demographic but I am such a fan!