French soldiers patrol at the railway station in Strasbourg, eastern France, on March 22, 2016, following triple bomb attacks in Brussels that killed about 35 people and left more than 200 people wounded.

Most of the world woke up Tuesday morning to news that a wave of terrorist attacks had rocked Brussels. Explosions went off in a train station and an airport, killing more than 30 people and wounding at least 230, the New York Times reports.

After that news settled in, another thought may have crept into the minds of those who watch the show Homeland on Showtime. How eerie and, well, familiar the Brussels attacks seemed, since, in Homeland's most recent season, the main character, Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), is a former CIA operative who thwarted a jihadist attack in a metro station in Berlin. And one more for eerieness: The jihadist group was initially thought to have been targeting a Berlin airport.

Tuesday, ISIS, also known as the Islamic State, released a statement claiming responsibility for the attacks at Brussels Airport and a subway station, the Times reports.

It does make you wonder whether life is imitating art. Movies and television series often inform people about the different characters and narratives that shape the war on terrorism, as well as other important events in our world. And yet it's sad how seemingly normal and commonplace all of these horrific attacks are becoming. 

Prayers up for all those affected by the attacks in Brussels.

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