Hillary Clinton Learns How to Do the Nae Nae

Hillary Clinton (center) learning the Nae Nae on Ellen DeGeneres’ (right) show. 
YouTube Screenshot

Now may be a good time to put the Nae Nae to rest. During a taping of Thursday’s Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Hillary Clinton joined the talk show host and her DJ and performed the Nae Nae to Silentó’s song “Watch Me.”

Dressed in a blue pantsuit, Clinton tried her best, but poor little tink tink was lacking a little something. It was that “something” that had Twitter in an uproar.



During the interview, Clinton also spoke about Kanye West’s recent announcement that he’s running for president in the 2020 election. 

“I would only ask him, if I’m running for re-election, to wait,” Clinton said. “But otherwise, a lot of people want to run for president these days.”

As Clinton tries to lighten up her persona, it’ll be interesting to see what other dances she’ll do along the campaign trail. 

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