Demetria Obilor (Jan Shedd via Facebook)

Meet Jan Shedd. Jan is an angry white woman from Dallas who is offended that black women have shapely bodies that fill a dress nicely. Jan is so upset by this that she felt it her duty to write a post on Facebook criticizing a traffic anchor from her local ABC station, WFAA-TV, Channel 8.

Jan posted this gorgeous picture of Demetria Obilor wearing the shit out of this tight red dress and wrote, “Has anyone seen Channel 8’s new morning traffic reporter? Her name is Demetria Obilor & she’s a size 16/18 woman in a size 6 dress and she looks ridiculous. I understand that when I watch Channel 8 I’m going to get biased reporting and political correctness, but clearly they have taken complete leave of their senses. I’m not going to watch Channel 8 anymore.”

Jan Shedd via Facebook

Don’t worry, Jan. As you press those tight paper folds together in an attempt to make one indignant lip, there are plenty who will tune in repeatedly to WFAA now that Demetria is on the screen. Her body is goals, ma’am. You and your close-set eyes could never. You obviously can’t see straight as it is.

First of all, I’m not sure what system of measurement you are using, but there is no way Demetria and her goddess body are wearing a size 16/18. Me, my belly and all these titties fit into a size 16/18, and I am not anywhere close to stunting like Demetria is.

You big mad, and you big mad for no reason. Basically, your arguments against Demetria are as weak as your chin, and you need to relax on the criticisms until you get that shit together.


Basically, shut the fuck up when it’s black-girl time. No one asked you anyway.

Of course, after the entire black internet came for your head, you decided to delete your offensive-ass post and put up another one trying to whitesplain your stance:

I recently put up a post about the way a lady on Channel 8 dressed, who happened to be black. Frankly, I didn’t even notice that she was black. I was shocked that Channel 8 w0uld put someone on the air that dressed so provocatively. The racist mafia did not appreciate the criticism and now they are harassing me. I just blocked about 50 of them. I will continue to block as time allows. If you happen to notice any of their posts, just ignore them. I don’t know then and they don’t know me.


So you didn’t know Demetria was black?


Let me translate that weak-ass whitesplanation for you:

I wrote a highly offensive and opinionated post that was steeped in misogynoir and tried to weaponize a black woman’s natural curves against her. I thought maybe my talking badly about her body and the way she was dressed could have a negative impact on her job. The opposite happened. Instead of people rallying around me, I received the exact type of response that I deserved for being stupid enough to post this publicly on the internet. Now that I am facing backlash for my ignorant-ass comments, I am going to fall on my white-woman victimhood as a last resort. Perhaps if I paint myself as a victim and call black people racists for pointing out my racism, someone (preferably white) will feel sorry for me and stick up for me in my time of need. Help me, white people! Help!


Hilariously enough, before I had a chance to type up this response to you, Demetria recorded a video response herself. It is not as strongly worded as what I have written here, but the sister makes her point, and you need to listen.


Also, Chance the Rapper thinks you, Jan, are dumb as well.


Listen, Jan. Stay in your lane and worry about how you are going to keep from looking like a turkey about the gullet as you age.

Let the curvy black girls like Demetria do their thing.

News Editor for The Root. I said what I said. Period.

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