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Style and fashion icon Kim Kardashian West has done it again! Since giving birth to her son, Saint West, the Anna Wintour of Calabasas, Calif., has been rocking a new hairstyle that no one has ever seen before. Ever. We mean it.

On Thursday, West uploaded a photo and a video on just how you can achieve this hairstyle. 

But instead of doing a West play-by-play, I'll break it down an easier way:

Step 1: Copy this look.


Step 2: Copy this look.

Step 3: Copy this look.


Step 4: Copy this look.

Step 5: Marry this man, who obviously, even though he was raised by a black woman in Chicago, doesn't know how to tell his wife, "Stop! You can't rename cornrows."


And there you go: a step-by-step guide to appropriation … I mean, KKW Signature Braids.