There's no denying that Mona Scott-Young, the creator and one of the executive producers of VH1's Love & Hip Hop, continues to push the ratchet envelope with her addictive series. Every season, there's a new character with an Instagram boutique, a new relationship featuring rappers or thug singers we remember (or try to remember), and one standout star/stripper with a heart of gold that we can't help loving.

The reality-show guilty pleasure continues to reach new heights in viewership, and every season Scott-Young surprises us with twists and turns in the music industry that keep us watching. But what if she could shock the world and land someone on Beyoncé's level to star in the next season of Love & Hip Hop? What if!?


Now, here's the thing: We know that Beyoncé would never, could never and will never be on anyone's reality-TV show, let alone Love & Hip Hop, but that doesn't mean she doesn't possess the intricate qualities that Scott-Young often looks for when she's casting a new season. In a satirical world, Beyoncé would be the perfect cast member on Love & Hip Hop, and here are a few reasons why.

(And this is a special note to all chapters of the Beyhive and the Beygency: Please don't murder us; we're just having a good laugh! Love you! Love Bey! Mean it!

1. She started a clothing line and pushes it on Instagram.


2. Her weaves stay laid.

3. She's married to a rapper.


4. Just like little Scrappy's mother, there's Miss Tina, and she don't take no mess, either.

5. There's Benzino's neck, Stevie J.'s face and Jay Z's … knees.


6. People in her life are ride or die.

7. She loves a sparkly gown.


8. She poses on Instagram.

9. She knows a thing or two about messy fathers.


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