Woman reading during Donald Trump rally
Vine Screenshot

What is it like to be a black person at a Donald Trump rally? Well, I definitely wouldn’t know because I’d rather watch paint dry. But an unidentified woman was recently caught on camera at a Trump rally who apparently really couldn’t have cared less about being there.

So what does she do instead of giving Trump her undeserved undivided attention? She reads a book. And not just any book. BuzzFeed identified the book as Citizen by Claudia Rankine, a book of poetry about race and racism.


The woman was reading the book and minding her business until an old white man decided to butt in and tap her on the shoulder.

What does the woman do after that? Well, of course she continues to read the book, because the old man should mind his business.

Now, how exactly did this woman end up at the rally? Conspiracies range from her being a paid attendee to her job forcing her. But none of that matters. What matters is that it was all caught on video, and her reaction is priceless.