Clockwise from left: Serena Williams, Drake, Lil Wayne with “George Washington,” James Harden, and Key and Peele
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The only thing I know about the Super Bowl is Cam Newton and the fact that millions of dollars are being spent per second on Super Bowl commercials. In the age of advertising, commercials during the big game have proved to be not only entertaining but also big payoffs for the companies willing to shell out the big bucks.

And this year’s commercials are no different.

The commercials you’ll see feature some big-name celebrities, from Drake to Serena Williams, selling everything from cellphone services to cars. But who has time to wade through several hours of football? I know I sure don’t. Since there’s no such thing as spoiler alerts when it comes to commercials, take a look at what you’ll see on Sunday. The game is on Sunday, right?

Advertisement #MovinOnUp

Lil Wayne as Weezy and “George Washington” spoof The Jeffersons; then throw in Jeff Goldblum for good measure and you have this hilarious commercial for

T-Mobile: Hotline “Restricted Bling”

The cellphone company released its Super Bowl commercial via Twitter on Sunday, and needless to say, it picked the right person.

Mini USA: #DefyLabels

Mini USA, which is launching its #DefyLabels campaign, teamed up with Serena Williams and T-Pain for the initiative. Although the spot is only a minute long, the car company posted extended features about both on its YouTube page.

Squarespace: Key and Peele

Need a hosting company for your website? Well, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele hope their “Lee and Morris” characters will inspire you to get your website up and running in no time.

Taco Bell: Super Secret With James Harden and His Beard

James Harden is promoting something in a Taco Bell commercial, but it’s a secret. No one will know what the new product is until the commercial airs. I honestly don’t even care, because I’m blinded by Harden’s luxurious beard.

And what’s the Super Bowl without a cute kiddie commercial? These are the babies born after every Super Bowl singing along with Seal. We all know kids always win over the competition.

This year’s Super Bowl is bound to have people talking, not only about the game but about the commercials, too. And before I forget, go, Cam!

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