Tika Sumpter as future first lady Michelle Obama, and Parker Sawyers as future President Barack Obama, in a scene from Southside With You

It was 1989, and a young Michelle Robinson was tasked with showing a wide-eyed, bushy-tailed law student the ropes at Sidley Austin, a white-shoe law firm in Chicago. He had a funny name: Barack Obama.

He ended up asking her out, taking her for ice cream on one date and then to see Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing on another. 

Those early stories about President Obama and Mrs. Obama's love story will be documented in a movie called Southside With You, and People.com got two photos taken on the set.

Tika Sumpter plays the future first lady, and a British actor named Parker Sawyers plays the future president. No word on which television network will air the movie. According to IMDb, it'll be out sometime in 2016.


In both photos, Michelle is looking intently at Barack, listening to him, so it seems likely that they'll explore how his mind (and lofty ambitions?) won her over. 


Who doesn't love a summer love story? Especially since we know how it turns out. 


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