Here Are a Bunch of Men Sexier Than Blake Shelton

Michael B. Jordan (@michaelbjordan via Instagram)

People magazine really outdid itself this year when it named Blake Shelton as its “sexiest” man of the year. By “outdid itself,” I mean—this is Trump’s America—People didn’t even try.

Shelton is the primary reason I refuse to watch NBC’s The Voice, and that’s a lot, considering that Miley Cyrus is on the show. Shelton has the face and the personality of a possum, and it’s amazing that People really thought its pick would wow folks.


People’s white nonsense definitely has the internet wondering WTF:


So in honor of Shelton being People’s not-so-sexiest man alive, we offer up some men to cleanse your palate:


You’re welcome. Drop your own visions of sexiness in the comments!

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