HBO, Game of Thrones Creators Come Up With a Series That’s a White Nationalist’s Wet Dream


In today’s “Who asked for this?” news, Game of Thrones creators have a new show coming to HBO called Confederate. Showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss’ show will give an alternative spin to history, and show what the world would be like if the Confederacy won the war. Basically, it sounds like every member of Storm Front’s wet dream.

The story will take place during the fictional Third American Civil War and will show a world where slavery has remained legal and has continued into the modern era. So I guess that’s where the two black executive producers and writers Nichelle Tramble Spellman (Justified, The Good Wife) and Malcolm Spellman (Empire) come into play.

The show will include freedom fighters, slave hunters, abolitionists, politicians and journalists, and social media isn’t too impressed:


“There won’t be dragons or White Walkers in this series, but we are creating a world,” the creators said.


Yeah, a world no one asked for. Well, except probably Richard Spencer.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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David E. Davis

It’s called alternate history and is a large genre of fictional writing. see the man in the high castle on Amazon prime video . Amazon is also chock full of these types of books. What if Nazis had won. What if the south had won, what if ww2 continued past 1945. Now fiction is being scrutinized? Oh boy...