Hazel-E and Rose Burgandy (@hazelebaby via Instagram)

Let me start this by saying I don’t watch Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. The Atlanta and New York shows are the only ones I’ve been into, and I’m at least a season behind on each of those. I only know about the people on the Hollywood show because I see tweets about them every week, so Hazel-E is a mystery to me.

That said, when her name showed up on the Twitter timeline this afternoon attached to a racist, colorist, homophobic, grammatically incorrect and profanity-laden rant, I became mildly interested. And by that, I mean I looked into it the way one looks at a train wreck, unable to look away.

It appears that Ms. E (Ms. Hazel? whatever) has an issue with comedian Jess Hilarious, and she became so enraged that she made an Instagram post blasting Jess. The post, which has since been deleted from Hazel’s account, drew the ire of many on the internet, including some who may have previously been fans of Hazel’s.

The beef apparently started early Wednesday when Camyonce posted a video to his Instagram account claiming to have messed around with Hazel’s boyfriend, Rose Burgandy.


This was followed by Jess posting screenshots that she allegedly got from Camyonce, showing a DM conversation between him and Rose during which Cam alleges that Rose’s relationship with Hazel was supposed to be fake just for a comeup. Rose is shown saying that he loves Camyonce and that Cam stood by him when he was in jail. Camyonce then says that he’s tired of being a “quick nut” for Rose and that the little crumbs Rose is throwing at him are not enough. Rose responds by saying that when he’s done with Hazel, Cam will have it all.


I know. It was a lot for me, too.

Jess openly accuses Rose of being gay, and tells Hazel to start telling the truth.

Rose Burgandy subsequently took to Instagram to defend his “manhood,” and in doing so he bashed the entire gay community by saying, “I hope all gays die and go to hell.”


Hazel, agreeing with her man, made a post echoing his thoughts, saying, “Burn in hell just like God said in the Bible!”

This is all a little messy and ignorant as hell for my tastes, but one has to wonder how far Hazel and her man think they are going to get making posts like this on social media.


Hazel has deleted her offensive posts and Rose’s account is private, but this is the internet, and screenshots are forever. Judging from the responses that showed up when Hazel began trending on Twitter, they may both have stuck their feet in their mouths and cut off their noses to spite their faces.


As if confusing homophones (your vs. you’re) were not enough, she compounded her egregious colorist post by adding sickening homophobia to the mix and then doubled down on it. That is disgraceful.


Do better, Hazel-E. Do better.