Tracy Clayton

(The Root) — There's now an actual reason for people to use hashtags on Facebook: As of Wednesday, hashtags on Facebook are clickable, giving their use an official purpose. In addition to clicking on Facebook hashtags and being taken to a stream of related posts, users can also click hashtags from other platforms, like Instagram.

Could this be an attempt to keep Facebook from going the way of Myspace by staying technologically trendy? Twitter didn't invent hashtagging, but it definitely popularized it, and sites like Tumblr, Instagram and Google Plus use them as well. Facebook also recently changed its "subscribe" feature to a "follow" button, similar to Twitter. There are also more reported changes to come.


Whatever the implication, I'm just glad that there won't be people needlessly hashtagging things in Facebook posts. I look forward to not having to yell, "JUST GO TO TWITTER!" at my screen anymore.

Read more at the Verge.

Tracy Clayton is a writer, humorist and blogger from Louisville, Ky.

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