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George Zimmerman defense team (Orlando Sentinel/Getty Images)
George Zimmerman defense team (Orlando Sentinel/Getty Images)

(The Root) — Twitter users have been glued to their screens and televisions since the George Zimmerman murder trial began, and a new face on the Zimmerman defense team has folks asking who she is and where she came from.


We know the faces of defense attorneys Don West and Mark O'Mara all too well, but sometime during the trial, a young black woman took a seat next to them. A scouring of the Internet turns up no information on the woman — no name, no title, nothing.

We do know that the woman works with the O'Mara Law Group, which is O'Mara's firm. Though we know precious little about her, Twitter folk have some opinions on her presence at the defense table. Here's a look at the discussion.

please tell me that black woman is not on Zimmerman defense counsel..

—  J4SMINE (@Snazzy_Jazz) June 26, 2013


I wonder what's going on inside the mind of that one black chick on the Zimmerman defense team…

— AverageBro (@AverageBro) June 27, 2013

Black woman seated with Zimmerman defense team is on wrong side of the courtroom and wrong side of history.

— aPhDStudent (@aPhDStudent) July 8, 2013


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