Halle Berry Launches an Affordable Lingerie Line

Halle Berry in 2014
Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Michael Kors

Halle Berry wants to help women feel sexy at affordable prices. During a recent trip to Paris, the 48-year-old actress came across a high-end lingerie line called Scandale Paris and wanted to create a similar line, but one that was easy on the wallet. So Berry took matters into her own hands and has now launched her own lingerie line.

"I came across this really luxurious lingerie line called Scandale Paris. Only sort of marketed towards the upscale, so not every woman could afford this brand. So I thought, how could I revive this and bring it to America at a price point that every woman could enjoy?" Berry said in an interview with Good Morning America.

Berry bought into the company. Now a few pieces are available at Target, and more of the collection will launch later this year. With prices between $7 and $18, the lingerie aims to give more expensive brands a run for their money. Berry took part in picking the fabric and designs for the lingerie, and says the line is aimed at the everyday woman.


"Every woman that cares about feeling good from the inside out," she said. "We care about what we have on under our clothes, we care about what we look like when we take our clothes off."

Berry also dispelled the myth about who lingerie is for. "The secret is that women don't wear lingerie for men. We wear it for ourselves," the mother of two stated.

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