Gucci Mane May Leave Atlantic Records After Claiming They're 'Polite Racist'

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Will Gucci Mane be parting ways with his record label Atlantic Records due to racism? In a now-deleted tweet sent over the weekend, the Atlanta rapper claimed that the people who work there are “polite racist,” and encouraged other artists in the industry to follow suit. According to his tweet, he plans on making July 3 his last day with the label.


“Leaving #AtlanticRecords July 3rd these crackers polite racist,” he wrote. “All artists let’s go on strike fuck these racist ass labels burn them down too #BlackLivesMatter #BlackExecMatter fuck these crackers????”

Gucci signed to Atlantic Records in 2007 and released his fourth studio album Back to the Trap House that same year. However, he was dropped before returning in 2016 due to a series of inappropriate tweets. In 2017, he announced that he planned on going “100 [percent] independent” from Atlantic, and had aspirations to “drop a mixtape every other day.”

During his infamous 2013 Twitter rant, Gucci called out his label, among many other people such as Rick Ross and Drake.

“Tell craig n julia suc my dick at Atlantic records,” he wrote, in reference to the CEO and COO of his label, Craig Kallman and Julie Greenwald. Elsewhere during the rant, he claimed to have had sex with Nicki Minaj, Ciara and Iggy Azalea, which all three denied. He later deleted his tweets and revealed that he was high on codeine and promethazine when he made them. He subsequently entered rehab while incarcerated for a gun charge.

He is planning to release his upcoming compilation project Gucci Mane Presents: So Icey Summer on July 3. Atlantic Records has not commented on his tweets.


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